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Pre-Natal and Infants




You’re pregnant!


This is truly an exciting time for you and

your family. Pregnancy is also a time of many

changes: physical, emotional and spiritual.

You will experience a variety of feelings and

sensations. Most of them will be completely

normal. However, change is stressful. Some

common complaints of pregnancy include

nausea, fatigue, headaches, sciatica, back

pain, neck and shoulder aches, and swelling

of the extremities, sore breasts, lower

abdominal pressure, tension, irritability and

mood swings. Women today lead demanding

lifestyles which include balancing a career,

home, and family. No matter how joyful your

pregnancy is, it has a tremendous impact on

your life and family.


It is very important for you to take care of

yourself during this special time.


Pregnancy Massage is for you!


Prenatal massage is therapeutic bodywork

focusing on the special needs of the

expectant mother. It helps her to prepare

for the physical demands of carrying and

delivering her baby.


Pregnancy massage is the all natural way

to help alleviate the common complaints of



Pregnancy Massage

may help with:


• Relaxation and stress reduction

• Increase of circulation to mom and baby

• Relieve the pain of sciatica, back, neck

and sore muscles

• Combat fatigue

• Reduction of swelling

• Maintain a sense of well-being

• Provide emotional and physical support

• Remove body toxins

• Boost immune response

Postpartum Massage

may help:


• Hasten your body’s return trip to

pre-pregnancy condition

• Restore muscle tone

• Relieve muscle soreness, aches and pains

• Alleviate discomfort from Caesarean


• Reduce stress and strain from caring

for your newborn

• Provide relaxation

The session lasts for 60 minutes and a

special table and equipment is used to work

with you in each stage of your pregnancy.


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