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Parent Infant Massage

Serenity Parent-Infant

Massage Program:


Massaging your baby will provide a life-long

loving relationship.......


Early psychological and sensory input is

essential in facilitating the development of

all infants. Infant Massage is a preventative

program that provides nurturing touch right

from the start. Infant Massage contains

such critical elements of bonding as eye-toeye

contact, smiling, soothing vocal sounds,


nurturing touch, smell, and parent-infant



Why should we massage

our infants and children?


We should be massaging our children

because our lifestyles have changed

dramatically over the last few years.

Mothers and fathers are typically away

from their children for extended periods

of time during the day. Massage will help

compensate for that lost time by reestablishing

the bond and providing quality

time for both parents and baby.


Fathers typically don’t get the opportunity

for nurturing the way mothers do. Massage

helps to create and maintain a close physical

bond with the baby which is extremely

important for both.


Massage Benefits for baby:


• Nourishes the baby emotionally

• Begins a loving, nurturing, intimate

communication between parents and baby

• Encourages the strengthening and

regulation of the baby's primary systems

• Helps in reducing gas, colic and

encourages better sleep

• Encourages the baby to relax and

release the tensions of daily stimuli

Massage Benefits for parents:


• More in tune with infant’s cues and


• Creates stronger communication and

emotional ties

• Strengthens confidence and handling skills


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